Forensic Architecture

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests that have swept the US since May 2020, in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black Americans, constitute one of the largest uprisings against systemic racism in policing in the US in a generation. 

But this popular movement has itself been met with widespread and egregious police brutality. And more than ever before, evidence of that violence has been captured in videos and images.

Together with Bellingcat, FA has geolocated and verified over a thousand incidents of police violence, analysed them according to multiple categories, and presented the resulting data in an interactive cartographic platform. 

Out of the data emerges a picture of officers and departments engaging in widespread and systemic violence toward civilian protesters, journalists, medics, and legal observers. 

That violence has entailed continuous and grievous breaches of codes of conduct, the dangerous use of so-called ‘less-lethal’ munitions, reckless deployment of toxic chemical agents, and persistent disregard for constitutional and humanitarian norms.


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