The Net Blvd

Dana Barale Burdman

The Net Blvd examines a collection of situations that happen in the digital era. These situations imply that cultural production happens on digital platforms, structuring our collective memory. In these platforms that go beyond physical limits, intangible contents suggest a new form of production and transmission of culture. 

Led by digital networks and new technologies, these platforms are transforming the way in which the world is comprehended. It makes us reflect on the categories in which we experience reality today, like virtual identity, infinite content, real time communication, intimacy and exposure, digital hyper stimulation, etc. Revealing these conditions leads to the introduction of new narratives and to new architectural configurations.

Therefore, it is proposed as an imaginary landscape that contains the detection of different scenarios of encounter between the physical and the virtual. A collection of fragments made up of a succession of different situations that conform a laboratory of hypothesis, an experimental microcosm. This new ecosystem reformulates new fields to understand the complex reality of our context, in which dichotomies of realities can coexist, from a methodological guide for the redescription of the city.

From Colin Rowe to Google -Surveillance image of the self

The subject is modelled, registered and tracked by the digital panoptic. Surveillance devices infiltrate our contemporary environment, having the ability to capture, model and control people´s behaviour. The daily landscape is monitored and recorded by urban control systems. 

From Big Brother we have moved to Big Data. The self is quantified in the dark transparency age. Data is a material that is extracted and collected. Platforms order and process it. Data is the trace of our virtual derive. The nomadic artist is constituted through the new sites he visits as the new flâneur. Will the data be what the archaeologists of the future will excavate?

Big data records the intangible layer that covers our exchange with reality. These new infrastructures linked to the territories serve us to rethink the relationship between the world and technology. 

The digital representation of space replaces physical space. That is, through tools such as Google Street View and surveillance cameras we can remap the physical context in which we are located. This overlap in the landscape multiplies the way we perceive reality.

My bed is the world – The contemporary recluse

The degree of intimacy in the traditional space and the online realm has been reversed. The highest degree of exposure usually occurs in the most isolated physical spaces, where privacy is public and published. Private spaces are accessible online, and the bed becomes performative. Above it, are the multiple overlapped virtual spaces from which we access information, and therefore the world.

The bed is the physical-virtual link, the link between the private realm and the public sphere. The bed is not so much a place to rest, but the place from where we act and interact. In this media house, the bedroom becomes the contemporary territory of digital exploration, a laboratory of production, a virtual stage. Traditionally, private spaces are now new media scenarios; a new imagining of the spatial model that derives from this dual reality thus arises, begging the question: How is intimacy to be understood in the virtual environment?

The bed defies the limits of the public and private, achieving its maximum extension through media. The new bed is no longer an apolitical piece of furniture, but a mediating element between physical and virtual reality. The bed is an agent for action, a new refuge for the contemporary recluse, a hermetic and public physical-virtual portal; the minimum module for the virtual nomad.

Courtesy of Dana Barale Burdman

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