Burçak Bingöl

20 site-specific ceramic sculptures installed around Beyoğlu district in Istanbul produced for15th Istanbul Biennial “a good neighbor”

Curated by Elmgreen & Dragset

September16th – November12th, 2017

Follower (Hamam 2), 2017
Ceramics, metal – 35 x 13 x 10 cm

New editions of Follower for the 15th Istanbul Biennial a good neighbor, revisit the ever-changing streets of Istanbul where it was inspired from in the beginning. This series –in ceramics, will be installed in the streets and pretend to watch along with the actual cameras. In a time when the definition of surveillance has evolved and expanded from physical to mental spheres of the masses, it once more, draws attention to the relationship between the watcher and the watched.

In contrast to its own nature, these cast, glazed and flowerily decorated camera forms turn this watching relationship backwards and become the subject of attention and gaze. With their unusual nature, it will raise awareness about these mute objects that create our urban pattern to grow around with different shapes.

The floral decoration suggests another layer of the memory of the streets. The images transferred onto the sculptures as a décor are the direct translation of the plants living in Beyoğlu area, which is also quite symbolic as the subject of resistance. Follower not only reminds but also keeps the track of a memory of public spaces both social and environmental.

Follower (İstanbul Modern), 2017
Ceramics, metal 35 x 13 x 10 cm

Courtesy of Burçak Bingöl

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